Compensation of carbon footprint

Southbound Travel Groups aim and objective is to actively contribute to a better global and local environment. We take sustainable travel seriously and want to offer our customers an option that really makes a difference. We believe that you as our customers have a strong interest in wildlife and nature, and that you want to contribute to the preservation of both the unique environments you visit and to the planet as a whole. We have therefore developed a concept for compensation of the carbon footprint. We operate our own projects, together with local partners, to ensure full transparency and maximum effect of your compensation. There are several existingl models for how to calculate the carbon footprint of a trip. There is also a fairly large consensus on that planting of trees and measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (such as the use of solar cookers) compensates for this carbon footprint. There are a lot of research being done about this subject, and we try to keep ourselves updated on the progress in this area. However, we are not ourselves experts on the scientific side of this, so we lean against those who are, including the UN Climate Panel. We are highly committed to our responsibility as a tour operator to develop a model of how our business in the best way possible can contribute to the neutralization of the carbon footprint of our business, and the way we have chosen is:

  • We calculate a reasonably accurate carbon footprint of your travel arrangements.
  • In collaboration with local partners we operate projects for tree planting and solar cooker introduction to offset the carbon footprint.
  • We put a price on how much this compensation of carbon footprint costs for each customer (ie, how many trees must be planted, or how many solar cookers must be purchased)
  • We provide the operation and administration of these projects and 100% of the money you as a customer contributes with goes to the actual projects (ie, planting trees and purchasing solar cookers).
  • Our aim is to create local projects in each country that the various companies in Southbound Travel Group markets.
  • We encourage our customers to include a visit to our projects in their itinerary.
  • Currently we have two projects underway in Malawi, and for the time being we use these for compensation for other destinations as well

Does this become very costly for me as a customer? No, it does not. By working directly with local projects, every penny will really benefit the project as such, and at the destinations where we operate one dollar, euro or pound is worth quite a lot. We also aim towards offering you the most environmentally friendly alternatives (such as lodges run by solar power) and that will also mean the cost to neutralize will be reduced. Please contact us and let us give you examples of itineraries and how much the carbon footprint neutralization will be. You will probably be amazed how little extra cost it takes to help preserve both the fantastic areas you visit, and the global climate.