Our Vision

Southbound Travel Group is comprised of people with a passion for wildlife and nature travel. The companies that form this group offer high quality trips to a number of exciting destinations. Since we are convinced that sustainable travel is something absolutely necessary and desirable we are developing and managing our own projects for compensating for the carbon footprint our business generates. Our vision is that Southbounds existence will:

  • Make our clients feel comfortable with the fact that through our compensation scheme their travels will not affect the environment in a negative way, rather the opposite.
  • Have a positive global ecological effect.
  • Influence the public and the travel industry in an ecologically positive way.
  • Contribute to an improved ecological and social enviroment at our destinations.
  • Contribute to an increased understanding of the importance of conservation of nature and wildlife.
  • Contribute to a better understanding of different cultures.
  • Contribute to an increased interest among our clientele for the regions we operate in

Is this charity or is Southbound a company wanting to be profitable? We believe that the best way to make a difference in todays modern society is through an economically sound business model that includes and explains the environmental and social impact. Activities and efforts based on charity are often admirable and can have fantastic results, but are also vulnerable when the interest or financial resources of donors run out. By being able to make a living on the business Southbound creates we can fully dedicate ourselves to accomplish our goals and fulfil our vision, which give much better results than if we could only do this in our spare time. So the answer is that Southbound definetly strives towards being profitable, but the main profit for us is to be able to work 100% with something we have a passion for and where we feel that we do make that difference we set out to do. Please also rest assured that we are not making any profit on the local projects compensating for the carbon footprint  (where 100% of all funds collected goes to the project itself), only on the travel arrangements we provide.

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